Voices to Alex Deutsch

How it all started with the public work of Alex Deutsch...

Pastor (retired) Klaus Heintz talks about his first encounter with Alex Deutsch, he mid-1980s as pastor of St. Paul Parish Neunkirchen learned early:

Spontaneously, I asked him if he was ready to report in my community about his experiences. He agreed, and now I started with men, women and young people to learn what Alex had experienced and suffered.
Like all the many after that, we were impressed by how he was able to speak of the terrible thing had been done to him in the name of the German, his own people to us. He overcame the embarrassment that we had felt as members of the "perpetrator people" until then Jews.

(...) The students loved him - and when he collapsed on the playground after two lessons from stress due to loss of his hearing, they assailed me in the next few days again and again: "Mr. Heintz, how's the Lord's German!" Concerned, I asked his wife if all that her husband mitnähme not too much. But she assured me that it-in Converses help him to overcome his terrible memories by talking about it.

An SR-film journalist asked me for a letter of recommendation for the Federal Cross of Merit, and so after the award of the Medal Rülf-Shlomo began a series of public honors, the safe culminated in the naming of the Alex-Deutsch-School.
(...) He surprised us again with his performance. Got on my request that he come but also shorter times for the sake of his health, he antwortetet: "I am my fellow sufferers who have not survived, guilty of bearing witness to it until my last breath."

Thoughts in memory of Alex Deutsch

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