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Alex Deutsch school Wellesweiler

It was a very moving moment when Alex Deutsch on Sep 24, 2009 over 100 guests in the auditorium of the school that bears his name, admitted: "As long as God gives me the strength to the last breath, I want for my target fight that people live together in peace. "

The Auschwitz survivor Alex Deutsch, who has resided since his return from America in 1978 Wiebelskirchen the "room of encounter" in Alex Deutsch high school, wich is named after him dedicated.

Alex Deutsch tirelessly reported in hundreds of schools young man from his fate as a German Jew in the time of National Socialism.

Click the image to load an interactive 360° panorama.
Click the image to load an interactive 360° panorama.

The "room of encounters" can accommodate up to 30 people, both students of the Alex-Deutsch-School and external visitors from the district of Neunkirchen and beyond.

He is an asset to the people in the district, as in this room people can visit Alex Deutsch of Germany and other countries.

In the "room of encounters" is the exhibition "Alex Deutsch. I survived Auschwitz" integrated in the form of light boxes. There is also a traveling exhibition that can be borrowed by interested parties (for example schools).

Content of complementary publications and information materials are located in a bookcase.

In order to be presenting films, a moving canvas, an associated projector has been installed which can be reared according to need, and attached to the ceiling.

The room represents a place of dialogue
People of different backgrounds here have the opportunity to engage in intercultural exchange and thus to contribute to mutual understanding across borders.

It is public and can be seen by appointment by external groups.




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