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Alex Deutsch. I survived Auschwitz

In the
exhibition "Alex Deutsch. I survived Auschwitz" is a traveling exhibition that can be purchased by interested about Adolf Bender Centrum.

On the panels, the Alex Deutsch's life is portrayed. The exhibition shows the most important organizations in the life of witnesses, from Berlin to Auschwitz and St. Louis to Wiebelskirchen in Saarland.

It consists of 8 detached printed panels that illuminate the different stages of life Alex Deutsch's closer; pupils of Alex-Deutsch-School have worked to create the exhibition of Adolf Bender center.

The exhibition can be booked by interested parties with guides. These are especially interesting for young people and students, because of the suffering of many examples oppressed the Nazi era to Alex Deutsch's life can show.

Similarly, Alex Deutsch is a good example of courage and commitment to peaceful level. Throughout his life he is committed to the understanding and dialogue.

The exhibition tour can be combined with the screening of the documentary about Alex Deutsch's life - "Alex Deutsch. I survived Auschwitz" - combine.
For schools would offer this school for two hours. In the first hour, a tour of the exhibition and in the second hour of a film screening followed by a discussion.

Thematically, the exhibition in chapters from Alex Deutsch's life is divided into:

  • Childhood and youth (1913-1927)
  • apprenticeship as a baker and Marriage (1928-1940)
  • Arrest and deportation (1938-1943)
  • Selection and deprivation of rights (1943-1945)
  • Hunger and forced labor (1943-1945)
  • New beginning and racism (1946-1978)
  • Return and dialogue (1978-09. February 2011)

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