Erich Kästner Schule

To visit of Alex Deutsch on 12 March 2009:

Nathalie (14): "I was emotionally touched when Alex Deutsch tells his life story."

Selina (14): "His life story was very impressive."

Maslom (17): "I thought it was good that he has told us himself what he has experienced, because not everyone who has experienced something so, talk about it."

Arton (16): "I found the visit very interesting Alex Deutsch I admire the strength and courage he has to tell his story again and again.."

Marcus (16): "I'm glad he survived his terrible experiences and telling people about it."

Berivan and Figs (15 and 16): "I find it cruel to hear what this man had to go through everything and has experienced Nevertheless, I think it's important to be reminded, so it is not forgotten.."

Tommy (15): "The story that he tells is quite different than the things that you have seen on TV about Otherwise one knows, what he has seen only from reports and the witness interview could see someone and. listen who has experienced all the things. He's been through a lot and I admire his courage and his strength. "

Daniel (14): "It was very interesting."

Dali (16): "I can not believe he survived all the tortures and still can laugh."

Seli: "It was very interesting, because he could tell everything he has experienced, although it's been so long."

Nadia: "It was sad, but also exciting, thrilling what he has or how he tells his experiences."

Vanessa (14): "It was very unusual and exciting."

Erik: "His manner, as he tells his life story, I found fascinating."

Thomas and Robin (14 and 15): "We are pleased and grateful that Alex Deutsch has survived the Nazi period."

Nadina (14): "Hey, I'm Nadina and I found the visit of Alex Deutsch very impressive His story has touched me what he has experienced is terrible and cruel, but he has not lost his courage and his laughter..."

Melanie (16): "His story was cruel and bad I admire this man, especially for his strength, I think he's good that he is willing to tell others of his fate..."

Daniel: "The visit of Alex Deutsch has pleased me very well."

Christian (16): "He has experienced a lot."

Mustafa (16): "I found the visit of Alex Deutsch very impressive."

Jasmine G. (14): "I could not actually imagine what Alex Deutsch had experienced, but how he says it then, I only get an idea of ​​what it meant at the time of National Socialism to be a Jew. The events of that time and also what Alex Deutsch has been through I find that very sad and bad. "

Nico (16): "The conversation I liked I admire Alex Deutsch with his 95 years that he can tell about his bad experiences and remembers everything.."

Sebastian (15): "I found the conversation interesting, it is touching to see someone talk and hear who has experienced so little and his painful memories told over and over again and that too in such a high age.."

Kevin (15): "I found the story of Alex Deutsch very exciting, because I find it admirable that he can tell that even as much as he has experienced it."

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