Feelings of students, ERS Heusweiler


A: Angst, allein, Auschwitz (Afraid, alone, Auschwitz)
L: Leben, Leid, lustlos (Life, suffering, listless)
E: einsam, ewige Schmerzen, Einsamkeit (lonely, eternal pain, loneliness)
X: Xylophon, x-mal geschlagen (Xylophone, hit x times)

D: Durcheinander, Denkmal, Deutsch, Demut (Confusion, monuments, German, humility)
E: ehrlich, Elektrozaun, Element, entschlossen zu leben (honestly, electric fence, element, determined to live)
U: unsicher, Urin, unmenschlich, Unterdrückung (uncertain, urine, inhuman oppression)
T: Tod, Trauer, tapfer, Träume, Tote (Death, Grief, brave, dreams, dead)
S: St. Louis, Sehnsucht, Suppe, selbstbewusst (St. Louis, longing, soup, confident)
C: Christ, Charakter, Chance (Christian character, Chance)
H: Hilfe, Hunger, Hoffnung, Hund (Help, hunger, hope, dog)

Students (13) Heusweiler: "I think his resume from the beginning was very difficult. There was in his life, many hurdles and obstacles that he had to face. He had no rights, was forced to baker's apprentice, and when he was a child, he received no food or clothes from the beginning, they had to bring their child by themselves. He was forced to leave the shop built with his own hands, half his family was torn from his life. Today it is important to hear the story and edit so we know that war only brings misery. "

Students (14) from Riegelsberg refers to the story of Alex Deutsch should not forget, that all men as you were previously treated in the time of Adolf Hitler experienced when you were a Jew and as has been terrible this time.

Schoolgirl (13) Koellerbach do not want to forget the history that mankind learns that in the time of Adolf Hitler did not fear to survive the day and how hard was survival.

Students (13) of wood means that you will never forget Alex Deutsch.

Schoolgirl (13) Koellerbach says that you should not let in drive to hate, but to live together.

2 students (13) Koellerbach think about Alex Deutsch that he has suffered a lot and that he had a lot of courage to survive. They are really good. He has lost his rights, but he wanted to survive. They are really brave.

2 students (13) and Eiweiler Heusweiler think about Alex Deutsch that it has very hurt him, that he has lost his family and that he was always alone.

Students (14) Walpershofen thinks about Alex Deutsch life story that he was a sad man because he was in captivity. He was again happy with his family and works against racism.

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