Feelings of students, ERS Heusweiler


A: Angst, allein, Auschwitz (Afraid, alone, Auschwitz)
L: Leben, Leid, lustlos (Life, suffering, listless)
E: einsam, ewige Schmerzen, Einsamkeit (lonely, eternal pain, loneliness)
X: Xylophon, x-mal geschlagen (Xylophone, hit x times)

D: Durcheinander, Denkmal, Deutsch, Demut (Confusion, monuments, German, humility)
E: ehrlich, Elektrozaun, Element, entschlossen zu leben (honestly, electric fence, element, determined to live)
U: unsicher, Urin, unmenschlich, Unterdrückung (uncertain, urine, inhuman oppression)
T: Tod, Trauer, tapfer, Träume, Tote (Death, Grief, brave, dreams, dead)
S: St. Louis, Sehnsucht, Suppe, selbstbewusst (St. Louis, longing, soup, confident)
C: Christ, Charakter, Chance (Christian character, Chance)
H: Hilfe, Hunger, Hoffnung, Hund (Help, hunger, hope, dog)

Word Post by Pastor Klaus Heintz ...


at a memorial service

in commemoration of the 98th Birthday of Alex German

on 10 August 2011

in the room of encounter



These days, a book was published, in which the grateful appreciation of teachers and students for Alex Deutsch is involved in a variety of representations and thoughts on migration. Eberhard Jung and his work history of the community school Homburg-Saar-Palatinate have so what can do volunteer work in the school, set an impressive monument.
I had the time and opportunity to study the book from cover to cover, and the bandwidth of migration on earth - from dinosaurs to space travel - I noticed a furtherance of this one, which relates to the consideration of human life: We remember today the first birthday after his death the whole consummate life of our friend and role model Alex Deutsch. And I remembered the last stanza of the "Evening Song" by Gerhard Tersteegen, the Protestant theologians from 17-18. Century:


A day pours forth speech,

my life is a walking

the great eternity.

O eternity, beautiful,

my heart get used to you

my home is not of this time. 


Eternity means not an infinitely long period of time, but the fullness of time, the fulfilled moment, the time of performance, as represented by the term "journey of God" or the coming of the Messiah. I may after the passing of Alex German quote what he said to me once: "You Christians believe that the Messiah has already come. We Jews are still waiting for him. I believe that he will rescue me with my last breath. "
So Alex Deutsch life migration is completed by almost a century, and he has returned home.